How to check the quality of the silicone ice tray?

How to check the quality of the silicone ice tray?

Nov 29, 2022

1. The material is safe.
Generally, the raw materials of silicone kitchen utensils must be made of food-grade silica gel to ensure that it will not cause harm to the human body. Generally, when purchasing silicone kitchen utensils, we should first confirm whether they have passed safety certification, smell no peculiar smell, are environmentally friendly and safe, and are not easy to age. direct contact with food.

2. Easy to demould.
Ordinary industrial silicone products, such as silicone gloves, cannot be compared with silicone ice trays. When purchasing silicone ice trays, you need to pay attention to the overall smoothness of the silicone ice trays and whether there are burrs, whether the inner wall is smooth, and whether the bottom is round, because these factors are important. It will affect whether we can easily and completely take out the ice cubes. The excellent silicone ice tray is designed by integrating human mechanics and other aspects.

3. Easy to clean.
Silicone ice trays belong to the category of silicone kitchen utensils. They must be cleaned after use. Ordinary silicone ice trays will always leave some water stains after washing with water. The whole product of silicone ice trays is relatively small. The space is small, it is not convenient to dry, and it is easier to breed bacteria. Good quality silicone ice trays are highly hydrophobic and easy to clean.

4. High and low temperature resistance.
As we all know, silicone ice trays are made of silicone raw materials, so they have certain flexibility. Silicone ice trays have the advantages that summer should have. They are resistant to high temperatures and low temperatures. Relatively large, repeated physical temperature and changes in external conditions, the chemical performance is stable, and the flexible silicone ice tray has more advantages. Generally, its service life is relatively long, and it is not easy to deform and tear.