29 Nov 2022

How to check the quality of the silicone ice tray?

1. The material is safe. Generally, the raw materials of silicone kitchen utensils must be made of food-grade silica gel to ensure that it will not cause harm to the human body. Generally, when purchasing silicone kitch

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23 Nov 2022

Are silicone straws more environmentally friendly than plastic straws?

Silicone products factory for you to answer in detail. First, let me introduce the plastic straws we commonly use. Most of the materials are made of plastic, because the cost of plastic straws is very low. Merchants who

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14 Nov 2022

What are the reasons why consumers like silicone food covers?

Features and uses of silicone food covers 1. Made of 100% food-grade silicone, Food Safe and BPA free. 2.Temperature range: -40 to +230°C 3.Works As Universal Replacement pot Lids. Reusable. 4.Safe Use in Microwa

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07 Nov 2022

Are kitchen silicone brushes dangerous?

Silicone brushes are made of food-grade silicone materials. Food-grade silicone is mainly used as a mold for making candy. The real food-grade silicone is colorless and odorless, resistant to cold and high temperature, s

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