Why silicone toys products have become the first choice for parents

Why silicone toys products have become the first choice for parents

Sep 06, 2021

Silicone toys are made of silica gel raw materials, specially made of natural rubber, and are resistant to high temperatures and cold, and will maintain long-term plasticity at a temperature of -60 to 250 ℃. The properties of high temperature oxidation and active oxygen resistance are very good! Many parents will buy some baby silicone toys when the baby reaches the age of money, that is, in order to better lead the baby's personal hobbies, and not make a lot of noise; the second is to promote the development of the baby's IQ.

Why are silicone toys the choice of many parents?

1. Non-toxic ecological environment protection, more comfortable. In today's society, whether it is an adult or a child, dolls are a form of entertainment, and generally toys are objects for play. Indeed, there are various types of toys! Photovoltaic materials have many advantages, such as: low temperature resistance to -40 degrees, cable sheath, ecological environment protection, etc.! These two levels are mainly reflected in the production of toys. Silicon toys are items that accompany everyone in leisure and entertainment. They must be removed for long-term use. Silicon toys can be disinfected with boiling water for effective sterilization and disinfection. There is no need to worry about the toy itself being damaged. The toy has the characteristics of bright colors and nice tones, I am sure everyone wants to see it.
2. Safety factor, beautiful and interesting. At this stage, many silicone products on the market are very bright and beautiful, such as silicone bags and silicone non-slip rubber pads. Silicone has the characteristics of long life, itching resistance, and non-volatile properties. Because of its long life span, let alone ten or 20 years, from the birth of the first child to 5 years after the birth of the fifth child, and after the birth of the second child, You can continue to play with silicone toys, and the colors will be as gorgeous as you first saw. Silicon toys generally use soft raw materials, and the smart, crystal-clear silicon material does not harm the skin of teenagers and children.

How to choose baby silicone toys?

1. Under the condition of 2 to 5 months, you can prepare enough items for your baby to chew

Before one year old, the baby's mouth is more sensitive. He subconsciously uses his mouth to recognize the world, and he can give him some toys that can be pulled, taking into account the rules in his heart. For example, silicone chews, but parents must ensure the safety performance of the silicone toys they buy, not too hard, otherwise it will have a bad effect on the baby's teeth.

2. eight months or so, you can play large, medium and small toys

In this link, the kinetic energy of the baby’s arms and limbs has been improved. In some cases, the kinetic energy of the soles of the feet is very large, and it may even kick the parents. Therefore, everyone chooses some toys that can be beaten to create a personal hobby of the product. . For example, a silicone air hammer can make a sound when it is hit, and it must be taken out with a certain amount of strength, which is very suitable for babies at this stage.

3. When you are one year old, you can prepare enough beach balls, kitchen utensils, and cardboard books

At this age, the baby’s learning ability is gradually strong. His curiosity tells him that every object wants to figure out what characteristics it has. For example, it can bounce, the other can roll, and this thing can be lowered. Therefore, we have to choose some toys that can take into account curiosity, such as car beach balls, electric cars with guide rails, and if there are no toys, the baby will use everything in the house as a toy, making a mess.
Under the condition of one and a half to two years old, the baby’s IQ tends to develop very fast. Therefore, the baby puzzle is a very good toy for him. The baby can play while lying down, and not only can see what is under his eyes Items, you can also try to be good at touching.
Silicone toys are safe, powerful, and unique, making them the choice of many parents. Silicone products have many applications in daily life! It can be said to be widely used in various fields in daily life.