Can a silicone spoon be used for babies? Is it safe?|silicone spoons set

Can a silicone spoon be used for babies? Is it safe?|silicone spoons set

Sep 06, 2021

The first time the baby eats complementary food and the spoon is used for the first time, the family is always full of expectations and needs appropriate tableware to assist! A large part of babies have a sense of disgust for them because they have been exposed to hard tableware, which affects the baby's eating, and even some spoons can harm the baby's health! So we have to choose good tableware for the baby to help the baby grow up healthily!

Can baby use a silicone spoons?

When the baby's supplementary food is added to be able to eat some solid and semi-solid foods, parents will prepare their special small bowls and small spoons for the baby. Baby spoons made of silicone are more common. Many parents will buy spoons made of silicone for their babies. However, can babies use silicone spoons?​
When the baby is able to grasp things, use a small spoon to eat, which can gradually cultivate the baby's ability to take care of himself. And buying a nice little spoon will be particularly attractive to your baby. In the choice of the material of the baby spoon, it should be made of silicone. Because this material is relatively soft, it will not cause damage to the baby's tender gums and the newly erupted deciduous teeth. Especially small babies often have movements such as biting, so using a small silicone spoon can protect your baby’s mouth, gums and deciduous teeth.
The baby’s first spoon is preferably a soft-headed spoon made of food-grade silicone. Silicone is a commonly used raw material for pacifiers. It is soft in texture and will not hurt your baby's delicate gums. It is elastic and resistant to baby's bite. It is also safe in material and can be sterilized by boiling water without harmful substances oozing out. It should be noted that the silicone soft-headed spoon usually means that the spoon head is made of silicone material, and the spoon handle is not made of silicone material. Generally, it is made of PP material. Be careful to choose a baby spoon that can be sterilized by high temperature, has a rounded edge without burrs, and is not sharp.
For babies less than 3 months old, the main function of the baby silicone spoon is nothing more than water and medicine. Because of the limited grasping ability, you don’t expect the baby to take it by yourself. It’s small and won’t hurt. Baby’s small mouth is good, so baby silicone spoons are most suitable for babies under 3 months old.​
Babies from 6 to 10 months old have begun to add complementary foods, and their hand movements are becoming more and more flexible. When they are about 8 months old, they start to learn how to use a spoon to scoop the food in a bowl and dip it. Put the food spoon in your mouth. The silicone soft-head spoon you bought before can still be used, but because the silicone spoon is too soft and it is not easy to scrape the food, it is recommended that parents prepare a spoon with a harder texture for the baby, and choose a plastic spoon with a safe material, such as PP spoon. In order to facilitate the baby's grasp, it is best to choose a spoon with an easy-to-grip handle (such as bumps and a round handle).

How to choose a spoon for your baby

Choose the right material according to your baby's age: young babies are generally recommended to use plastic materials. The handles of these spoons are mostly made of polypropylene, while the heads are made of silicone. The tableware made of silicone is softer than the tableware made of polypropylene, and it is not easy to damage the baby’s delicate mouth. Compared with rubber, the silicone is tasteless and odorless. The texture is harder than rubber and bite resistant. It can also take soup or Paste. However, spoons with silicone heads are generally suitable for babies aged 0-1. Babies after 1 year of age add more solid food supplements, and spoons made of silica gel cannot accommodate heavy solid foods. At this time, you should choose a PP spoon with a harder texture.​
Choose the style and function according to the actual needs: the shape of the spoon is similar, mainly with a round head, some are relatively round, and some are elliptical. The round spoon can be used to feed rice paste and other pastes, while the oval spoon is more suitable for feeding soup, etc., which is convenient for feeding into the baby's mouth. In addition to ordinary functions, there is also a temperature-sensing spoon for novice parents. The head of the spoon has a temperature-sensing function. When the food temperature exceeds 40°C, the spoon will change color, effectively protecting the baby's tender and sensitive mouth.
After 2 years of age, you can choose a spoon with a plastic handle and a stainless steel spoon. A spoon with a certain weight can help babies exercise their hand strength better.

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