Are the silicone spoons used by children of different ages the same?|Best silicone spoons|

Are the silicone spoons used by children of different ages the same?|Best silicone spoons|

Sep 06, 2021

Now more and more mothers buy baby silicone spoons to train them to eat alone. Because silicone is very flexible and will not hurt the baby, silicone rice spoons are the first tableware used by babies. So how old can a baby be used independently? Are the silicone spoons used by children of different ages the same?

About 6 months, all silicone soft spoon

During this period, the baby’s gums are delicate and tender. For babies within 3 months, the spoon is mainly used for water and medicine. After 4 months, the supplementary food is gradually added. The baby’s grasping ability is limited during this period. The silicone material is soft, not easy to deform, and does not It will harm your baby's gums, and it can also be used as a chew for your baby.

6-8 months, primary silicone spoon

Children of this age are at the stage of cognition, and the fingers of the baby at this stage are still relatively clumsy. For the baby who always grabs the tableware, you may wish to prepare a soft spoon. Usually you can let the baby hold it by himself, and let him hold it in his hand when feeding. Babies at this stage may use their own spoons to dig food to eat, so mothers may wish to encourage them.

8~10 months, high hardness silicone spoon

At this stage, the baby will have some biting behavior, so at this stage, choose a spoon for the baby, in addition to the safe texture, but also consider the bite resistance. At this time, the texture of silica gel is soft and it is not easy to pick up food. You can choose some spoons that are harder in texture and cute in shape, which can attract babies to grasp by themselves. At the same time, the handle of the spoon should preferably be curved for easy grasping.

10-15 months old, a heavier spoon

At this stage, the baby's hand movements become more and more flexible, and he will also try to learn how to use a spoon for adults. When choosing a spoon, you must pay attention to the weight of the spoon, so that the baby can exercise hand strength during the process of autonomous eating. However, it must be noted that it is only for eating, and can not let the baby hold and play, otherwise it is easy to injure the mouth.
In short, the baby silicone spoon can be used at any age, but at the beginning, it needs the help of the mother to help the baby eat, and when it is older, the baby can eat alone.

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