soft silicone spatula | PT008 Silicone soft bone

  • The dog tooth cleaning stick is made of the latest natural silicone material, which can resist the dog's long-term biting, and quickly clean the teeth when playing, giving the dog more health care
  • Multifunctional and multipurpose toothbrush stick:The dog toothbrush that you can't put it down makes it impossible for dogs to refuse the temptation of toys. Dog teeth cleaning toothbrush can protect the dog's oral health, clean teeth, and make the dog breath fresh, clean and healthy
  • Make Your Dog Enjoy Brushing: The dog toothbrush can be used on the floor or on the wall, making it more convenient for dogs to use, and there are some interactive fun
  • Clear teeth: The new-style molars are used to automatically clean the teeth when the dog is playing, and also remove the tartar caused by long-term consumption of dog food





We provide soft silicone spatula. If you are interested in PT008  Silicone soft bone, please contact us and initiate a consultation to learn more about it.

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