silicone ice tray | IC038 Sea Animal Ice Tray

1.Food-grade safety Material -- 100% food grade silicone, safe and durable . Recommend boil the ice cube trays for 30mins or a few hour when first use, then use pure water or juice or wine to fill ice trays and frozen.
2.Simply push up the bottom of the tray for easy treat access
3.Suitable for Bar/ Home -- The ice cube is necessary in bar to cool cocktails, whiskey, tequila, vodka. And it is a useful tool at home for other homemade beverage or various ice snack like froze soup, ice cream or flower ice cube.Perfect for making ice cubes orfilling the trays with juice, fruit, jelly, chocolate, herbs, sauces andpudding and baby food purees.
4.Easy to Clean/Store -- Ice cube trays with removable lids can stack in freezer neatly and block odor as well as dust. Rinse off it by hand or using dishwasher. Air dry and stack them in the dry place.





We provide silicone ice tray products. If you are interested in IC038 Sea Animal Ice Tray/cake mould/chocolate mould/candy mould, please contact us and initiate a consultation for more information.

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