IC0063--IC00680 Silicone soup container

1. Made by 100% food grade silicone, BPA free, Lead free and Phthalates free.
2. Soft, Durable and Unbreakable.
3. High Transparency, 100% silicone glassware.
4. Temperature range: -40 to 230°C.
5. Perfect for cake, candy
6. Easy to clean. Dishwasher and Freezer safe.


1.IC0063(2 CUBE): 293x141x62.8mm
2.IC0064(silicone lid):300.6x143.5x24.1mm
3.IC0066(6 CUBE):
4.IC0067(4 CUBE): 293x141x63.5mm
5.IC0068(10 CUBE): 



1.IC0063: 294g
3.IC0066: 309g

  • Freeze food in perfect portions - Great for bone broth servings, recipes, meal prep, and portion-controlled meals
  • Compartments have four fill lines: ½ cup, 1 cup, 125 mL, 250 mL - Each tray makes four 1 cup or 250 mL cubes
  • Clear tight fitting lid keeps food fresh, prevents freezer odor, facilitates easy stacking
  • 100% FDA Food Grade Silicone: BPA Free - Dishwasher Safe - Oven Safe (not the lid)
  • Dual use: Freezing and Baking. Oven safe up to 415 degrees ( Do not bake the lid)

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