BT0041 Baby Fruit Food Feeder Pacifier, Silicone Pouches Mesh Sucker Teethers with Measuring Cup Type Protective Case,BPA Free

  • Excellent Silicone - BPA-free, odorless, heat resistant and easy to clean.
  • New Upgrade - Not only the appearance, but also the baby pacifier, handle, dust cover and construction of a comprehensive upgrade design.
  • Easier to Eat - Easy for babies to eat food and avoid choking.
  • Used to Exercise - A specially designed silicone grip can exercise the baby's grip ability.
  • Easy to Clean - Fruit feeder pacifiers can be washed clean with water. If you want to get even cleaner, try boiling water.


Silicone fresh fruit feeder: 50.5*53.72mm
Silicone inner cover: Dia.39*35mm
PP cover: Dia. 50.4*46mm


Silicone fresh fruit feeder: 28g
Silicone inner cover: 11g
PP cover: 8g

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