silicone ice tray | Process flow of silicone products | Silica gel
01 Jan

silicone ice tray | Process flow of silicone products | Silica gel

Speaking of silicone rubber products, I believe that many of our friends will not be unfamiliar. In our daily life, it is as small as our common electronic product protective covers, such as mobile phone silicone protective covers, bluetooth speaker protective covers, etc., as large as car engine systems. The rubber air intake pipe, harness sheath, etc., it can be said that silicone rubber products have infiltrated every bit of our life. So what is the production process of silicone rubber products, today I will talk to you about the production process of our silicone rubber products.

The first "material selection" selects the appropriate silicone rubber material according to the use environment and quality requirements of the product, such as the product's wear resistance, oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, high and low temperature resistance, tensile strength, etc., and use it to meet these requirements Determine which material is more reasonable.

The second "refining" In many cases, the raw materials we purchase are only raw rubber and cannot be directly used for production. Secondary processing is required. We call it refining. Refining means adding accelerators to the raw rubber in a certain proportion. , Toner and other auxiliary molding ingredients to meet production requirements.

After the third "cutting" and refining, a whole piece of material is obtained. Next, according to the product structure and size, the whole piece of material needs to be cut into materials with the same weight, shape and size that we need.

The fourth "molding" After completing the above work, the most important step is molding. We must put the material cut in the previous step into the silicone rubber mold, and perform hot pressing according to the pre-set process parameters to obtain our final product. The required external dimensions, of course, can also be obtained by directly injecting the material into the mold cavity through an injection molding machine instead of hot pressing. This is similar to the principle of a syringe.

The fifth "processing/inspection" after forming is a whole piece of product. We need to separate the part of the product we need from the middle, then remove the product burrs, and inspect the appearance of the product. So far, a qualified silicone rubber product is also Completed its entire process.